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When the owner of a Montblanc product holds it in their hands for the first time, it already has a long story to tell; of the careful selection of materials, of the artistry of the hands that gave it shape, of the care and patience that were dedicated to it. Each product is a masterpiece. Created for people who value the traditional techniques of craftsmanship, refined over generations: the art of the nib-maker for the fountain pen, the skills of the craftsman in fashioning the leather goods, and the extreme precision with which each watch is individually brought to life in our own workshops in Swizerland. It is the passion and artistry of the master of Montblanc which give each product that very special something to complement its functional beauty - a soul.

The symbol of this special quality is the white star of Montblanc. A reference to the top peak of the highest mountain in Europe, it stands for the high aspirations of the brand, and at the same time for an extra-special lifestyle and culture. It symbolises values that have true importance in a world of continuous change. Values such as durability, tradition, timelessness. Taking time for something that is important to the individual thoughts and feelings, beauty and culture, Time for oneself and for others - and for the most significant moments in life. MONTBLANC. A STORY TO TELL.

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+35years man
Classic style
Attention to detail

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traditional manufacturing
authentic quality
technological innovation