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 In the year 2004, Ford started his own company, the Tom Ford brand. The beauty collection as well as the eyewear collection was the first to debut back in 2005, and the first menswear store opened up in New York City, with critical acclaim from some of the most popular designers, a couple of years after. At present, the Tom Ford brand is undergoing a strategic selection and expansion move, which will see 100 different Tom Ford retail stores standing freely in various parts of the world, in the next ten years. Throughout his career in fashion, one thing that really fascinated Ford was fragrances. Having released several fragrances during his time at Gucci and Yves Saint Laurent, he used his experience and skill in order to create several fragrances for men.

The Tom Ford eyewear and sunglasses brand has since gone on from strength to strength, and is one of the most popular eyewear brands at present. The Tom Ford Beauty brand was the first luxury beauty brand of the 21st century, and provides a classical collection of gorgeous clothing. At present, Tom Ford is one of the leading fashion brands in the world right now.

 Consumer profile

self-confident, Formal look,

like to stand out without
seeming eccentric

key strength

urban appeal

an authentic
experimentation with materials